3 Types of Desktop Wallpapers with Amazing Benefits

People have their own preferences when it comes to desktop wallpapers. Some like the image of a majestic mountain. A few others would prefer the wallpaper of a mesmerizing sunset or a sandy desert. You stare at your desktop wallpaper the whole day, but are you aware that some carry certain health benefits?

Well, you’ll find it difficult to believe this. In fact, some of them can positively affect your health and well-being. Here we’ve tried to explain the amazing benefits that you can have with certain types of desktop wallpapers.

1. Animal wallpapers for maintaining focus

According to research, the cute baby animals help people in having a better focus. They especially affect human cognitive abilities in a positive way. Most of us love puppies, kittens, and other baby pets. If you happen to bring any of them to your office, it’ll surely get lots of attention and love.

Researchers at Hiroshima University discovered that viewing pictures of cute puppies and kittens improves focus. They found that it helps enhance one’s performance in activities that demand careful behavior. As a part of their experiment, these researchers split their subjects into two groups. One group viewed cute images of baby animals while the other viewed images of adult cats and dogs.

The testing of cognitive abilities followed, which included playing rounds of a board game. The group that viewed images of baby animals gave a better performance. The individuals in this group completed the games quickly and with greater precision.

2. Nature wallpapers for reducing stress

In the late 20th century, a couple of psychologists made some interesting observations. They found that when their subjects viewed images of nature, they reported a feeling of greater satisfaction. They felt satisfied with their life in general and their career or home in particular. Today, much has been talked about the benefits of viewing natural environments.

Many would consider such glimpses of natural settings as something insignificant. However, scientists have recently discovered that such images of nature are certainly beneficial for humans. Authors Ellard Colin and Deltcho Valtchanov have written about this in the Journal of Cybertherapy and Rehabilitation. They discovered that digital images of natural environments helped in reducing stress levels in an individual.

The authors had their subjects view three different digital settings. One was of a metaphysical space, the second was of a natural settings, and third an urban cityscape. The subjects who viewed the natural environment reported an increase in their cognitive ability and reduction in stress.

3. Solid-color wallpapers for improving memory

One of the recent studies has established that looking at too many images at once can impede memory. You can understand this from the fact that many individuals close their eyes when trying to recall something. Solid-color wallpapers make it easier for your brain to focus and recollect.

Dr Annelies Vredeveldt and her team had their subjects view a clip of one of the TV shows. They then asked the participants some questions about what they had watched. One group of participants were made to answer these questions by closing their eyes.

The second group was told to answer the questions by viewing a screen containing some images. The third group was instructed to answer those questions by staring at a blank screen. Dr Vredeveldt and her team founds that the first and third group answered the questions more accurately.

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